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At Pro-line Industrial Coatings LLC, we know you want protection against water damage, rust and corrosion on your recreational or commercial truck. When clients come to us looking for a strong defense against tough environments, we provide them with the best quality industrial coatings in the Pacific Northwest.


Our advanced selection of coatings are applied to a wide variety of vehicle and non-vehicle surfaces by highly trained technicians. We understand exactly the kind of durability you’re looking for, and offer a lifetime warranty on most coating services.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Coatings

  • Protection and insulation: Our high-tech coatings protect your vehicle from weather damage, and provide a layer of insulation that absorbs sound and diminishes vibrations. Coatings can be especially helpful for truck owners who drive their vehicles in harsh weather and extreme   conditions.


  • Endless versatility: Our industrial coatings can improve the durability of almost any surface. We have professionally coated shop floors, garages,  decking and auto underbodies. Whether you are looking to create a scratch and skid-resistant surface for your truck, garage or store, our team is available to protect your surfaces through industrial coatings.


  • Skilled application: We take the application of each industrial coating seriously. Our highly skilled technicians are professionally trained to apply your surface’s coating and carefully trim all edges. Our coating process creates a perfect, airtight and watertight fit during every application. Within five seconds of application, the coating on your vehicle is dry to the touch and working to enhance your surface’s toughness.

Our company’s industrial coatings offer clients the following advantages:

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