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Perfect for both commercial and residential trucks, the spray-on bedliners from Pro-Line Truck Gear are tough and long-lasting, and will protect every square inch of your truck bed. Our experienced technicians use a high-pressure coating system that ensures complete coverage and a watertight seal, protecting your vehicle from year-round weather, spills, damage, and more. Call today for more information and pricing.

Instantly Improve Your Truck's Durability

Our bedliners are completely watertight and cover every inch of your truck bed.

• Spray-on bedliners

• Commercial truck bedliners

• Residential truck bedliners

• High-pressure coating system

Dry and ready to use seconds after application

Durable protection: Bedliners from Pro-Line Truck Gear are so durable that, in addition to protecting your vehicle from everyday scratches and spills, they also protect against diesel fuel, gasoline, and chemical spills. The textured surface of the application is designed and built to withstand extreme use while maintaining its skid-resistant integrity.


Airtight application: When dust, dirt, and debris make their way between your truck and its coating, problems can arise - that's why we ensure a 100% airtight seal. An airtight (and watertight) seal will help you save money by avoiding damage or rust problems down the road.



Perfect fit: To do their job and look their best, it's critical that bedliners fit perfectly. With custom-fit service on every job, we can make sure that the unique shape and size of your truck bed is accounted for and completely covered. We're always able to apply our spray-on bedliners no matter the shape or size of your vehicle.


Versatile coverage: The great thing about our spray-on bedliners is that they have more than just a single use. You can also have most types of metal, wood, and fiberglass accessories coated, including canopies, camper shells, grille guards, hitches, and utility boxes.

All bedliners are backed by a lifetime warranty

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